I’d like to respond to the new Genie movie trailer that just came out. I’m convinced the story of the movie is based on my work and life goals. Watch my video and then go and see the movie trailer for yourself.

Hi, welcome to my page

You may have stumbled on my website by accident, maybe you know me personally or maybe you’ve already seen some of my work. Anyways, welcome!
On this website I’ll share my story, keep you updates about happenings in my life, show you some random acts of kindness I did and share some inspiration. Of course I also want to share your pictures from good deeds and random acts of kindness, so don’t hesitate to share them!
I want this website to be a place filled with positive thoughts, happiness and goodness! So go inspired and get to work! If we want to make this world a better place, we have to start with ourselves!
Love, Hope

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